Our costumes

Most of the costumes for our dancers for their final end of year performance are provided by our dance school.  There is a hire fee per costume of $20 a costume to prevent cost blow outs and also we do this rather than bundle costume fees into the weekly fee. We think it is important to […]

Why I Teach The Cecchetti Syllabus

Here at the Castlereagh School of Performing Arts we teach the Cecchetti Syllabus. I love the Cecchetti syllabus. I really do. No other syllabus has such a balance between strength and artistry. It has a focus on the development on line through the body, incorporating the head. In my opinion, it is the hardest syllabus […]

FAQ – how much do your classes cost?

We have flat fees and no registration costs.  We have no uniform so that you aren’t exposed to the ongoing cost, and your child can be themselves during lessons.  We have shoes you can borrow. Our fees are $8 per child per class for 45 minutes, $10 for an hour and $12 for an hour and […]