Singing lessons

Our drama and singing classes are mostly taught by Nicole Hannah.  Nicole grew up learning drama in CSPA, and went on to study the performance course at ‘Dynamite’ and has performed professionally as a commercial performer for many years. She also runs the singing and she performs in ‘The Ten Sopranos’ as well. In our […]

New class for 2 – 5 year olds

Are you interested in a class for toddlers and Pre K on Mondays at 12 Noon?

FAQ – do you take boys?

We get asked this about once a month, do you take boys in your class? The answer is quite simple, yes, absolutely!! We have in the past even tried to run a boys only class, but didn’t have the numbers to sustain it. Dance is for everyone, Winsome will look after your child no matter […]

Don’t curl your toes

Technique is important not just for look but also for the safety of your body.

Adult Pilates

When we say ‘adult’ we mean beginners and unfit Mums are welcome.  If you are worried that you are not young and lithe like some of the photos of our students then don’t worry, this class is for you. This class will help you to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture.  Winsome will particularly work your […]

Dance Class 1

Dance Class 1 runs partly at the same time as the Beginner Dance Class, and partly on their own.  It runs from 4pm until 5pm. They rotate between ballet, Jazz and National character dancing.  They will start with the Beginner Dance Class because there is cross over, for instance stretching, body shapes and warming up […]

Our costumes

Most of the costumes for our dancers for their final end of year performance are provided by our dance school.  There is a hire fee per costume of $20 a costume to prevent cost blow outs and also we do this rather than bundle costume fees into the weekly fee. We think it is important to […]

Why I Teach The Cecchetti Syllabus

Here at the Castlereagh School of Performing Arts we teach the Cecchetti Syllabus. I love the Cecchetti syllabus. I really do. No other syllabus has such a balance between strength and artistry. It has a focus on the development on line through the body, incorporating the head. In my opinion, it is the hardest syllabus […]

Making shapes

Today we were making shapes with the babies class. Expressing yourself using your body is a huge part of being a dancer, and so we often work with the students through unstructured things that probably don’t look a lot like dancing. This is what four of them did when they were asked to make a […]

Beginner Dance Class

Our babies class is aimed at 2 year olds through kindergarteners, and is very casual.  It is a music appreciation class using dance as a medium.  They will learn all the things they learn at soccer like social interaction, listening to their teacher and learning a new skill, but they will also learn some dancing […]