Beginner Dance Class

Our babies class is aimed at 2 year olds through kindergarteners, and is very casual.  It is a music appreciation class using dance as a medium.  They will learn all the things they learn at soccer like social interaction, listening to their teacher and learning a new skill, but they will also learn some dancing and music basics.

We are very focused on technique and starting them off on the right (correct) foot.  Every class they will be taught proper stretching so that they stretch the the intended muscles, appropriate foot position and posture for the sake of both look and body safety, and basics like using the parachute to learn that if we want to jump high we have to bend our knees down low.  The class is very casual and low key though, we turn a lot of the learning into games, and the teacher helps the students by dancing with them.

The cost is $8 per week for the term, so in a 10 week term it is $80.  There is no registration fee.  There is no uniform, though I can recommend items for you to purchase.  I have shoes that the kids can borrow.

We meet every Wednesday during school term in the big studio from 4pm til 4:45pm.

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